Breaking News: AltSchool Africa Expands to Kenya, Its Second-Largest Market by Revenue, Bringing Innovative Education Solutions to East Africa

Breaking News: AltSchool Africa Expands to Kenya, Its Second-Largest Market by Revenue, Bringing Innovative Education Solutions to East Africa

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In the world of education and technology, there’s a rising star making waves across Africa: AltSchool Africa. This Nigerian ed-tech startup, often compared to the renowned US coding bootcamp BloomTech, has expanded its reach beyond Nigeria and into Kenya, its second-largest market by revenue.

Led by its founder, Adewale Yusuf, AltSchool Africa has set up operations in Kenya to better serve its growing customer base in the East African country. Tabitha Kayvu, appointed as AltSchool’s Country Manager, will spearhead operations in Kenya, aiming to provide hands-on support and faster processing of local payments for its Kenyan customers.

AltSchool Africa originally launched in 2021 as a virtual platform offering diplomas in engineering, data, and business analytics. However, its appeal has transcended Nigeria, leading to a presence in the US and Rwanda as well. The company attributes its success in Kenya to key partnerships with local stakeholders, ensuring accessibility to in-demand skills for Kenyans.

Recognizing the evolving needs of its audience, AltSchool Africa now offers short courses in sales, content creation, and music, with plans to introduce courses in Swahili alongside its English offerings. The startup aims to bridge the gap between Africa’s job seekers and available employment opportunities by equipping youth with globally sought-after skills in various fields.

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One notable aspect of AltSchool Africa’s model is its flexible pricing, ranging from $20 to $50 per month for course subscriptions. Additionally, the startup adopts the income-sharing agreement (ISA) model, allowing students to defer upfront costs in exchange for a percentage of their future income.

AltSchool Africa boasts of supporting approximately 60,000 learners across 105 countries and generating $3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. With a focus on deepening its presence in existing markets, the startup has received significant funding, including a $30 million grant from the Rwandan Innovation Fund and several rounds of venture capital funding totaling $4 million with the extra $1 million raised from pre-seed funding.

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Looking ahead, Adewale Yusuf expresses his vision for AltSchool Africa to continue expanding its impact and reach across Africa. With a commitment to providing quality education and empowering the next generation of Africans with valuable skills, AltSchool Africa stands poised to shape the future of education on the continent.

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