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Motor Drives Change: Egypt’s Auto Parts Marketplace Accelerates with $2.8M Funding

Egyptian online auto parts marketplace, Mtor, has achieved a significant milestone by securing $2.8 million in pre-seed investment, spearheaded by Egypt-focused venture capital firm Algebra Ventures. Joining the funding round are prominent investors including Dutch Founders Fund (DFF), Aditum Ventures, LoftyInc Capital, and various local and global angel investors.

Founded by Mohamed Maged in April 2022, Mtor emerged from Maged’s extensive automotive experience gained during his time in Germany. Returning to Egypt in 2020 after contributing to the B2B e-commerce marketplace MaxAB, Maged recognized the challenges within the auto parts supply chain and the automotive aftermarket, particularly focusing on local workshops and car mechanic spaces.

Initially concentrating on supplying spare parts to local workshops and optimizing logistics, Mtor expanded its operations over time. Forming strategic partnerships with importers, the startup facilitated efficient distribution in Egypt, home to thousands of local service providers and millions of cars requiring maintenance and aftersales parts.

Egypt’s automotive after-sales market, valued at over $5 billion, boasts an aging fleet of 8 million vehicles. Car owners, averaging an annual spend of $600+, frequent 35,000 workshops and service providers, highlighting the vast potential in Egypt’s automotive after-sales sector.

Mtor addresses critical pain points for local workshops, including inaccurate fitment data, logistics challenges, parts availability, and price transparency. Moreover, the platform bridges the gap for car owners torn between official dealerships’ higher prices and local workshops offering more affordable options.

Differentiating itself from traditional supply chains, Mtor streamlines the process, offering more efficient pricing than the conventional two-layer supply chain. By connecting local mechanics directly with importers, Mtor ensures not only cost efficiency but also the delivery of quality and trustworthy parts.

In its two-year journey, Mtor has served over 2,500 workshops, fulfilling more than 70,000 orders and forming partnerships with over 60 importers. The startup’s tech-enabled distribution arm incorporates a Mechanic app, providing ordering capabilities and valuable insights into compatible aftersales parts.

Mtor’s focus on B2B customers distinguishes it from platforms connecting car owners with service providers. Rather than viewing B2C players as competitors, Maged emphasizes the complementary nature of their models, recognizing the significance of empowering independent workshops to enhance the overall car owner experience.

As Mtor secures new investments, its future strategy involves strengthening partnerships with major importers and parts suppliers. Karim Hussein, managing partner at Algebra Ventures, expresses enthusiasm for supporting Mtor’s expansion in Egypt and beyond, acknowledging the startup’s innovative solutions for mechanics, auto parts suppliers, and vehicle owners.

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