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The MEST Africa Challenge announces the selection of 45 finalists from various regions.

Forty-five innovative startups from various corners of the continent have recently been announced as regional finalists for the esteemed MEST Africa Challenge’s latest edition. The victorious startup will not only earn recognition but also secure a substantial US$50,000 in equity funding.

Established in Ghana back in 2008 by the accomplished serial entrepreneur Jorn Lyseggen, MEST stands as a pan-African initiative dedicated to software development, entrepreneurship training, and fostering the growth of technology startups throughout the continent.

In August, Disrupt Africa informed the public about the commencement of applications for the fifth iteration of the MEST Africa Challenge. After a meticulous selection process, 45 companies hailing from Ghana (10), Nigeria (10), Kenya (10), South Africa (10), and Senegal (5) have emerged as regional finalists. The coveted grand prize includes a substantial US$50,000 equity investment, coupled with enduring partnerships and ongoing support from MEST Africa.

Among the chosen Kenyan startups are Mywagepay, Snark Health, Urbantechforhope, Pigee, Letaji, Investa Farm, Tulix, Circularity Space, Digital Realm Entertainment, and Moti. 

Meanwhile, Ghana is proudly represented by Edanra, Eazy Chain, FlowersGH, Tourizilla, QKnow Edtech, Bouquet, Masters Hive Centre for Innovation, FarmWallet, Chestify AI Labs, and Advance Pharma Innovations.

The Nigerian contingent comprises Doktorconnect, OneHealth, Sproutly, iblooy, HealthGo, Innovastra, SmartTeller, Artisan Oga, Blueroom Care, and Konnadex Technologies. 

South Africa sees representation from Koa Academy, ESusFarm Africa, BOS Technology, Insaaph, Smart Food Growing Technologies, DeepLeaf, Thola, Aurora Media Group, SafeAfrica, and Biocertica.

Senegal, with its distinctive ventures, includes SAYNA, Microact, Yoonema, RAYNIS, and InterSIP International. 

Now, these selected startups are set to engage in a competitive showcase of their potential impact before a discerning panel of judges. This opportunity not only offers them a platform for visibility but also facilitates connections with potential investors, paving the way for potential funding to scale their impactful ventures.

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