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Twitter user apologises for sharing false information about Piggyvest

Earlier today, one Ayotunde Faith, username Jolarhh🦋 made a tweet slandering the beloved Nigerian Savings Startup – Piggyvest – claiming that due to rumors she has heard, the Startup would be folding up and crashing soon, and urging her audience to pull their funds and abandon the Startup. 

But they changed the name, not the people, and Nigerians on the social media platform proceeded to drag and berate her while defending the ever-trustworthy Piggyvest who have been serving Nigerians for over 7 years now, originally started as Piggybank back in January of 2016. 


After the audience’s initial disagreement with her initial post, Jolarhh went ahead to stand by her original post with another tweet that read ‘If I fold make I bend’ 

Later today at around 4:21 pm she tweeted an apology, after deleting her original post. The public however has remained hostile, dismissing her frankly half-hearted apology and continuing to drag her on the platform, some users even calling her ‘badly behaved’ and saying that she made the post for ‘clout’

While other users went ahead to share their undying trust for Piggyvest and asked ‘Why should Piggyvest accept her apology?’ some even urged Piggyvest to sue her. 

This shows the loyalty Piggyvest has cultivated in its users over the last 7 years, and we look forward to their growth in the Fintech Startup Industry. 


Stay tuned for more updates.






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