Apple Watch Series 9 Sales Stopped in Legal Tug-Of-War Over Patents


In October, the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled on a patent dispute with Masimo, a medical technology business in California. Apple has confirmed that it will stop selling its Series 9 wristwatch due to this decision. The blood sensor monitor included in the most current flagship Apple Watch is the source of the issue. According to the International Trade Commission (ITC) verdict, Apple violated Masimo’s intellectual technologies, particularly in non-invasive blood monitoring. Consequently, Apple will have a tough time continuing to sell this specific kind of smartwatch since it might lead to more legal implications and significant financial losses.

Apple will stop Series 9 and Ultra 2 wristwatch sales on its website beginning December 21. The company also plans to stop selling these gadgets in shops after December 24. Apple Watches without blood oxygen sensors are unaffected by the patent fight.

In 2013, President Obama overturned an import ban on Apple’s iPhones and iPads owing to a patent dispute with Samsung, the last time a president vetoed an International Trade Commission ruling.

Apple added a second import restriction on Apple Watches in February 2023 in response to AliveCor’s patent infringement case. The Biden administration did not reject it. This firm focuses on medical tech. The ITC halted the ban for other reasons.

Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories division earned $8.28 billion in Q3 2023. The Apple Watch and AirPods are part of this company.

Timeline for Halting Sales

On Thursday, December 21, at 3 pm, Apple announced that sales would cease via the Apple online store. On December 24, shortly before the usual Christmas season finale, Apple watches will be halted in retail locations. The decision has taken many people by surprise, especially when one considers the significant role that Apple devices often play as Christmas presents for a large number of people all around the globe. Customers anxious to purchase during the Christmas season are urged to move swiftly. Alternatively, they may investigate other merchants that still have Apple items but are not selling them.

Apple’s Response

Apple’s statement included an order from the United States International Trade Commission about a technical intellectual property issue related to Apple Watch devices that are equipped with blood oxygen capability. The report acknowledged that a Presidential Review Period is now active. In the statement, Apple emphasizes its confidence in handling issues linked to the continuing disagreement. The statement also underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and product quality. Customers are assured by the IT giant that their first aim is to guarantee that their goods and services will continue to be carried out without interruption while preserving a robust and competitive market structure.

Apple is preparing to comply with the verdict if it is affirmed. However, the review period will not end until tomorrow, December 25. As a preventative move, the firm is analyzing the potential effects of the verdict on its supply chain and determining the potential obstacles that may arise when attempting to adapt to the changes the judgment has brought about. Furthermore, the ultimate decision remains the same; in that case, Apple is also investigating other techniques to guarantee a seamless transition and a continuous supply of its goods to its consumers.

Modifications to Sales

As part of this commitment, marketing of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be discontinued beginning on December 21. It will be suspended from Apple retail stores starting on December 24. Customers who have already ordered these models will continue to get their devices; however, new purchases will only be allowed up to the cutoff dates. Apple is taking this step to better concentrate on its other products and guarantee a consistent customer experience.

The primary technology company is vehemently opposed to the ruling. It investigates various legal and technological alternatives to guarantee that the Apple Watches will remain accessible to consumers. From this point forward, Apple intends to work closely with multiple stakeholders and industry partners to safeguard its client base while adhering to the vital rules. The technology giant is adamantly opposed to the decision and is investigating legal and technological options to guarantee that the Apple Watch will remain accessible to users. Additionally, the company works closely with industry partners and stakeholders to safeguard its client base while adhering to the required rules.


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